Class I, II & III CBSE Syllabus


It is recommended that the package for each class except for the primary stage (Classes I -V) will consist of a textbook, a workbook, and a supplementary reader. The textbook should contain no more than 10 comprehensive units (lessons, exercises and activities) and five/six poems of varying lengths depending on the class. The workbook will have the same number of corresponding worksheets as the number of the comprehensive units of the textbook. The supplementary reader will have about eight pieces meant essentially for self-study promoting reading for information and pleasure. The recommended weightage in terms of marks is 40% for the textbook, 40% for language work including oral testing and 20% for the supplementary reader.

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Geometry (10 hrs.) SHAPES & SPATIAL UNDERSTANDING Develops and uses vocabulary of spatial relationship(Top, Bottom, On, Under, Inside, Outside, Above, Below, Near, Far, Before, After) SOLIDS AROUND US Collects objects from the surroundings having different sizes and shapes like pebbles, boxes, balls, cones, pipes etc. Sorts, Classifies and describes the objects on the basis of shapes, and other observable properties. Observes and describes the way shapes affect movements like rolling and sliding. Sorts 2 – D shapes such as flat objects made of card etc. Numbers (46 hrs.) DEVELOPING A SENSE OF NUMBERNESS, COUNTING AND OPERATIONS OF NUMBERS 1 – 9 AND ZERO observes object and makes collections of objects.