To build KISS Delhi school as a preferred Centre of learning for the underprivileged children of Delhi with a focus on formal and livelihood education & scope for all-round development.


To eradicate poverty through education in underprivileged children of Delhi.


Objective & Goal

Goal of KISS Delhi is to bring about overall development of underprivileged children with a human touch.

Its key objectives of are:

  1. Education:
    1. To ensure quality education through special intervention
    2. Arresting Drop-out menace by understanding the reasons of being out of school & bring them back into the school.
    3. By tracking the In-school children and providing necessary inputs so that they continue to remain in the school.
    4. To convert ‘liability’ into ‘asset’ through education, to reduce social and gender gap in education of underprivileged children.
  2. Healthcare:
    1. Providing nutritious food.
    2. Providing good medical care.
    3. Creating awareness regarding health and hygiene among the students.
  3. To nurture them in Sports, Cultural Integration and to give them an opportunity to come forward and compete in the open world.
  4. Transform students of the KISS into educated, confident, responsible, and self-reliant employable citizens of the country with a deep sense of commitment to their own society.